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25 April 2022

We do not remember anything from the first two / three years of our life: why?

Remembering means that some image comes to our mind, visual or acoustic as well as words. Remembering also means recognizing some other known sensory form: a particular sound, a smell, a taste, a bodily sensation – in any case something that we have “perceived”. We recall that “perception” is a term that in current language […]
22 February 2022

Does Psychoanalysis work?

Chi odia sta male - Copy BigStock
22 February 2022

Hatred makes you feel bad

In recent years more than ever (for Covid?) newspapers and other media mentioned this feeling.
21 February 2022

Lockdownitis: a new word for a new illness?

Here’s a new word: lockdownitis. It seems like a disease and in reality today many people suffer from it, some seriously, but almost all -whether they realize they are suffering from it or do not notice it at all – are convinced that it is an emotional reaction that can be endured and controlled.
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7 October 2021

Did you know that no one’s brain is like that of another one?

The brain seems to be the same for everyone with respect to external characteristics and its macroscopic anatomy; but each brain inside is different, its neural networks which generate the functioning differ among individuals.
14 September 2021

Why does a newborn cry?

Always crying! Or not sleeping or not eating. Quite often these events seem apparently nonsense to the parents, as they suppose a newborn does not have any other natural need than eating, cleaning, and comfortable sleeping conditions.