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Did you know that no one’s brain is like that of another one?

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7 October 2021

The brain seems to be the same for everyone with respect to external characteristics and its macroscopic anatomy; but each brain inside is different, its neural networks which generate the functioning differ among individuals.

Each person is made its own way, and has its own mind, its character, its way of being, of functioning, its "mentality": and this depends on "its" brain, on that brain that was formed as a result of "its" experiences, ever since it was a fetus and then a newborn.

Only a very small part of each brain functions exactly the same way for the entire human species, and those parts are transmitted genetically; but everything else is learnt.

Each brain learns: learning corresponds to the formation of neural networks that regulate the way our brain can function.

Each mind is different because each single brain has learnt to function in a certain way. This is the reason for the whole brain “is” memory; and above all memory of how what which functions it learnt during life, how to use them at the right time, as well as how to learn new ones.

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