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Why does a newborn cry?

14 September 2021

Always crying! Or not sleeping or not eating. Quite often these events seem apparently nonsense to the parents, as they suppose a newborn does not have any other natural need than eating, cleaning, and comfortable sleeping conditions.

Therefore reasons for these behaviours that seem unreasonable to the parent are sought in some supposedly organic or pathological cause.

It is not taken into account that a baby already has its own “mind” and cries, in most cases because it wants something and expresses as it can. It wants to report its need, or better said what are already its desires, that may not only be material: quite often the newborn whats to communicate, even learn. This is something a parent needs to learn to recognize to be able to offer the right answer.

This is not easy, and many parents believe they understood and answered throughly: then the baby continues crying. And if it eventually settles down, this may be his first withdrawal of interest in the world.