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The fetus listen to us… and it learn

Volume chapter author (s): Manfredi P., Imbasciati A.

The fact that the fetus has a psychic life is universally acquired today. What can be called “mind” depends on how it is defined. The fact that this mind is acquired through the progression of fetal learning and that the functional structure subsequently achieved forms the complete development of the individual is a notion shared by all researchers, but not yet assimilated by our culture. This book describes the process of the construction of the mental functions that develop in the fetus and how the learning process that determines them essentially depends on the relationship of the fetus with the pregnant woman, and then of the child with his caregivers. This description is based on and linked to experimental research. Particularly, a long follow-up study is described. The focus of fetal development that is described here is based on the auditive learning of the fetus: for this, as is said in the title, every parent must keep in mind that “the fetus listens to us… and learns.”