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Six seminars of an integrated psychoanalysis

Volume chapter author (s): Imbasciati A.

Freud founded psychoanalysis since more a century. His invention of a particular method in seeking into the mind allowed him a very important discovery and the constitution of a new science, which he expected to be developed.

After hundred years, the progress of this science has been radical in both method and clinics, but not in theory. In every science if method and discoveries go on, also theory has to be reformulated. This did not happen in psychoanalysis. Notwithstanding the big clinical psychoanalytical progress as a method and a therapy, people and many psychoanalysts think that psychoanalysis is “Freud’s theory”, without distinguishing what in his writings is a very theory. His “witch” is still expected to be clarified by a new metapsychology.

This confusion is because psychoanalysts feel all Freud’s works as a sacred doctrine to be venerated. A kind of religion developed inside psychoanalytical Institutions. This doctrinism unconsciously hampers many psychoanalysts and most psychotherapists in their work.

This book is a report of a group discussion experience, with about twenty psychoanalytical psychotherapists, in six séances of two hours each one. This revealed a theoretical confusion about what psychoanalysis may be, into which many unscientific prejudices may shift on in their underground thought and hamper their profession. Therefore, psychoanalysis became a romance.