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Serious patient and non verbal communication: changes in psycoanalysis
Pain in Childbirth, Maternal Care and Mind Development: a review
Article author (s): Imbasciati A., Dabrassi F.
Retrospectines and perspectives on baby/parents relation
Article author (s): Imbasciati A., Cena L.
A Perinatal Clinical Psychology in preterm baby relation
Article author (s): Cena L., Imbasciati A.
Some questions on the talking Cure
Article author (s): Imbasciati A.
Psychoanalysis Development beyond Freud’s Theory
Article author (s): Imbasciati A.
Freshers Reception in a medical School
Article author (s): Cristini C., Imbasciati A., Ghilardi A., Cena L., Della Vedova A., Buizza C., Bresciani R., Apostoli P.
Maternity Social Support
Article author (s): Dabrassi F., Imbasciati A., Della Vedova A.
Psychoanalysis without Freud’s theory
Article author (s): Imbasciati A.
Publisher: Il Mulino
Psychopathology and sexuality
Article author (s): Imbasciati A.
Mother Caring and future Person Development
Article author (s): Imbasciati A.
Prenatal Diagnosis: thoughts,emotions, beliefs in Pregnancy
Article author (s): Dabrassi F., Imbasciati, A.