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What is meant by Perinatality?

2 July 2021

In the past this word indicated the psychic situation of the woman, either pregnant, close to childbirth and in the puerperium, as it was often accompanied by emotional discomfort and sometimes by more evident psychic disorders.

It was thought that the child would not have been much conditioned in its development by this situation (except possibly for breastfeeding), as it was believed that this development relied on nature, except for being altered by some organic cause which had occurred to spoil it.

Instead, it was not known that this development, not at all natural and therefore the same for everyone, is exquisitely individual because it depends on the interpersonal experience that a newborn, already endowed with a mind, is therefore already able to perceive and elaborate: this precocious activity builds its brain.

The mind depends on the brain and this is not the same for everyone.

No one's brain is like anotherone's, as each brain is built on the basis of experience, and this already at fetus level, being different for each individual. Furthermore, what has been built conditions the way a brain has learnt to use further experiences to continue building them.

This way what is structured before conditions what will be structured later. It is here then that perinatality is more important with respect to the future individual child, than with regard to the mother. Today, therefore, "perinatality" is the term that indicates the perinatal period of each person.

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